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Does your back hurt? Do you have migraines?

Do your shoulders hurt? Do your knees

give you pain? Does foot pain keep you awake

at night.

We can help!


The magnetic jewelry we recommend incorporates high power magnetic beads. We use these high power magnetic beads to make attractive, functional jewelry including; hematite magnetic bracelets for men, hematite magnetic bracelets for women, magnetic necklaces, hi-power anklets, three strand high power back belts and high power wraps for knees. This jewelry helps relieve pain.
We use mainly High Power 4200 gauss beads in the making of our jewelry with  6,000 13,000 14,000 and 16,000 gauss magnetic clasps.

I use this therapy and it has worked for me. I  have gotten relief for my migraines by using a hi-power magnetic necklace, a three strand bracelet for the arthritis pain in my hands,  ( I was a heavy equipment operator for forty years). I have two artificial hips and 18 in. rod in my back which when laying in a bed causes pain.  Wearing a belt of hi-power magnets stops the pain and I can sleep.


For the Women

For the Men


When ordering bracelets or anklets measure with a

                      soft tape and add 1 inch.

Men may want to add 3/4 inch as they like theirs a little tighter than women do.